- Wednesday's Word - "Ghost Hunters"

I haven't posted in over a month so this one may require 2 cups of coffee... but I'll try to summarize as best I can.... in order of importance, more or less.

To reiterate, my friend GG and I have formed a small team to investigate POSSIBLE paranormal activity. Simply put, we are "ghost hunters"... So many people use "paranormal investigator" and "ghost hunter" interchangeably, although I really don't like that term as to me it denotes "thrill-seeker" and a pre-disposition in one's own mind that could contaminate any possible experiences.... I'll explain that further in a bit. **

First.... Above The Realm Paranormal welcomes Jody Brown to our team. Jody should prove to be a valuable asset in helping the team and our clients through her psychic and "sensitive" abilities. Jody's bio can be found here on our website.

Thanks to Jody, our equipment list has grown again with the purchase of the 24G-4PK-NV-VIDCAM - a complete wireless night vision video system including 4 stationary infrared video cameras each containing their own 30 led infrared light sources, which should have an effective range that will illuminate ANY room (they're rated at up to 300 feet). NOW let's see a spirit elude us !!!! They can "run" but they WON'T be able to hide... Our complete equipment list can be found here. For those interested in this system, it can be found here. And actually it's on sale this week...

** Ok, back to the "ghost hunter" theory... we received an email this week from someone interested in paranormal investigating and whom asked how to get started. Having never been posed that question yet, I wasn't sure how to begin to answer it... once I started, it all just seemed to flow... and I may have taught myself a few things about me in the process... This is my reply, verbatim.... INCLUDING the typos.. HA HA HA

"  Thank you for viewing our site, your interest in the paranormal and for contacting us. You sound like you are well on your way to becoming an effective paranormal investigator. One of the most important points to remember is that just because a client says they are haunted doesn't mean that they are. As an investigator it is your first "job" to make every attempt to find reasonable explanations for the alleged activity.
Here's an extreme example....
The client experienced pictures falling off a wall.... was there an earth tremor that day?
See what I mean? Yes, be totally open to the possibility of paranormal activity, but also exhaust all means available to explain such activity. THAT will make you more credible and successful.
Also, by the true definition of "paranormal", it does NOT necessarily mean "haunted". Too many groups don't understand that theory. Again, your credibility as an investigator relies on your ability to separate the two.
As far as getting started is concerned, paranormal investigating is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. I'm sure if you "google" paranormal for your area you will find many groups that might be looking for additional help. You may want to research particular groups before approaching them to be sure that are as credible as you are.
If you're thinking about starting your own group, then feel free to use some information and theories from our website to help you get started. You'll find that the "community" is growing and that most groups are very cooperative and willing to help. Above The Realm is no different.
If you want to start your own group then there are definitely "MUST" pieces of equipment...
1) EVP recorder - a digital recorder that will pick up sounds that your ears don't hear. You'll want to get one that you can upload the files to your computer easily for analyzing... and review the recording using headphones to block out environmental noise. There are many audio editing programs available on the internet for free. We use Wavepad and Audacity.
2) EMF detector - You're familiar with the theories of the paranormal, so you know the importance of being able to measure Electro Magnet Fields.... there are various models available depending on your wants and needs. We use the K2 meter for it's ease of use. It's also very helpful and easy to try to communicate with a possible spirit with. For instance, you can hold a vigil and ask the spirit to approach the glowing light to make more lights glow...
3) Digital camera - certainly capturing visual evidence can be critical so a digital camera that's at least 5 megapixels is a must to maintain the integrity of the pictures.
There are a multitude of "gadgets" available and our own list continues to grow.... we've just recently purchased a closed circuit TV system consisting of 4 infrared (night vision) video cameras.
Take your time, but investigate with this in mind.... if/when you experience "activity", the more ways you can record that activity, the more credible your findings are. Also, remember this, if/when you experience and recorded activity, return to that area again... if the same activity is recorded, then there may be an explanation that is NOT paranormal.
If you need help with the technical aspect, ie, a website... there are hundreds of free website hosting services to help you there... our website is a free site. If you need help beyond free hosting, I'd certainly try to help as best I can.... I built the website and created our logo myself.
I hope this helped some, if not then we're here to help. Feel free to contact us at any time. What area do you live in? We have contacts all over, including Canada and Great Britain.
Anyway, feel free to check back often.... we'll be posting some more evidence soon and have another investigation at the end of the month.
Welcome to the world of the paranormal... Happy Huntinug

John - Above The Realm Paranormal "

Ok, maybe that didn't specifically address my thoughts on the term "ghost hunter" but hopefully I made my point that this is an investigative process... note my LACK of the use of the term "ghost hunter"... it almost isn't in my vocabulary, but I do use it upon occasion because more people are familiar with it. But, the other person thought I did a good job at helping him out.

Certainly, I could have gone on and on as some people that know me can attest to. There are so many beliefs and theories with regard to "paranormal" activity, but that would require an on-going series of posts and emails. Hmmm.... Plus, I didn't think it was my place to preach my own personal beliefs, especially since I'm still trying to evaluate them on a daily basis.

Anyway, over the last month or so the group has taken on many changes. As I mentioned, we've added a member and some equipment. Also, our website has undergone some major changes as has our logo:

As always, you are welcome to peruse the site and feel free to leave feedback (positive OR negative), either by email or in our guestbook. Negative feedback helps at least as much, if not more, than positive.

I was going to continue this post adding some of our own experiences on our most recent investigation. Some of our captures can be found within the "Evidence" pages on our website. But, in order to make it easier, I will be writing another post later which will be more detailed and will hopefully tie some of our observations together.

Ok, this actually took me closer to 3 cups of coffee !!! But MAYBE those of you that receive chapter-long emails from me will be "safe" for awhile !!!!


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