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My House IS haunted (?) - part 2

No, NOT by the soft drink - I prefer 7-up anyway... BUT, after yesterday's revelations, this post is a must !!!....

First, HUGE thanks go out the paranormal community in general. I am realizing just how friendly and caring our colleagues are. Specific shout-outs are in order here also. So, I also need to PERSONALLY thank Eric from D.A.R.T. for taking time out of his schedule to embrace us into his world. Also garnering specific recognition is Bill from Paranorbill for doing the same - definitely great to have met the both of you. Next, I need to thank DMR, a former classmate and clairvoyant, for the intriguing conversation we had. And not be left out, thank you to my Facebook friend EC, a psychic and card reader, for your input on my "situation".

So what's all the hubbub about? As I posted, GG and I have started a little team to investigate the paranormal. Over the last few weeks we've been busy trying to get organized and buying new pieces of equipment to help us better investigate.

One such piece was a Sony Handycam with full Night Vision - this puppy can record video footage in COMPLETE darkness. Previously not familiar with its actually capabilities, I took it upon myself to run a test in my own basement a couple of weeks ago. Here's a little clip of that footage that we posted on our Youtube channel....

Note that this is just a small sample of the activity I experienced.... Anyway, this little video proved the capabilities of the camera but also opened my eyes a bit as to why I have experienced the various forms of activity that I have... OR, made me more curious....

So..... trying to duplicate this experienced I took the camera downstairs again a few nights later and put together this little clip and also posted it on Youtube...

These videos, due in no small part to GG, gained popularity quite fast with several comments being posted by fellow investigators...including "Interesting capture".... INTERESTING INDEED !!!! remember this is going on in my very own basement !!!

But what exactly IS going on down there ?!?!?! I mean, I know that I am haunted but.... clearly there are SEVERAL of these "orbs" flying around simultaneously... am I actually haunted by SEVERAL spirits ?!?!?!

Further confusing my perception of the activity is the fact that in broad daylight I SAW ONE OF THESE reflecting in the sunlight - flying just as at night. Ok, so now I was "sure" these aren't spirits and tried to research more logical explanations... educating myself on mold spores, mites and other "creatures" that may be found in one's basement.... Although I wasn't able to ascertain EXACTLY what these are, I thought I had debunked it and pretty much paid little attention to it.  UNTIL.... 

We received a comment the other day by "paraquila" on Youtube...
"That is what I would call a Sprite. Looking closely at the anomaly it appears to look see through at times and then solid again. It also appears to shine it's own light."

Paraquila followed up yesterday with this...
"Some believe a Sprite is a type of Angelic being coming to Earth to gather prayers. Others believe a Sprite to be a more mature orb. I call them Sprites because they Sparkle like glitter in the sun. I have seen them since childhood usually around people."

WOE WOE WOE !!!!!!!!!!   WHAT ?!?!?!?! Needless to say, much of my day yesterday was spent researching this "new" term... and picking the brains of the people I mentioned above. And thanks to them, I have a bit more understanding as to the possible existence of sprites... but undoubtedly I have far more questions than answers at this point !!!!

First I needed to find out exactly what a sprite is....  "simply" stated, they are elves, pixies or fairies...

Wiktionary says:
sprite (plural sprites)
  1. (mythology) A spirit; a soul; a shade; also, an apparition.
  2. (mythology) An elf; a fairy; a goblin.

 Wikipedia says:
The term sprite is a broad term referring to a number of preternatural legendary creatures. The term is generally used in reference to elf-like creatures, including fairies, and similar beings (although not earth beings), but can also signify various spiritual beings, including ghosts.

The belief in diminutive beings such as sprites, elves, fairies, pixies, gnomes, Japanese yōkai, the Spanish and Latin-American duende and various Slavic fairies has been common in many parts of the world, and might to some extent still be found within neo-spiritual and religious movements such as "druidism" and Ásatrú. The belief in spiritual beings, particularly ghosts, is almost universal to human culture.

Ok, I know I'm a pretty open-minded person but..... I'm also a show me kinda guy. So, further research revealed this photo of backyard sprites - this girl didn't see them when taking the picture....

OOOOOOOOOOOOOO KAAAAAAAAAY... That's EXACTLY what my basement looked like on BOTH the nights that I recorded footage !!!!

Further, Paraquila sent us an email on Youtube in response to my thanking him.
"You're welcome. Anything to help out those seeking the truth. Thanks for the picture to look at (the one above). It sure seems to be the same anomalies as the one you have posted. I cannot wait to see the other ones.
Sometimes when an orb is about to turn into a Sprite or just plain manifest itself it can appear like a cotton  ball. Somewhat see through and somewhat solid. Take a cotton ball pull it apart a bit and look through it at the sky. This is how I generally describe it. Its all a big mystery and one I am happy to be a part of figuring out.
Peace and Light


Certainly, as with all anomalies, acceptance of the existence of sprites is dependent on one's own belief system. Having personally witnessed the very activity depicted in the photo.... and also having a strong pull toward the mystical for most of my life.... I'm a believer !!!!

BUT..... are sprites mystical in nature ??? are they paranormal ??? are they ghosts ??? are they spiritual ??? are they Wiccan ??? are they dangerous ??? why the hell are they in my basement ??? the list of questions grows... and it's becoming more apparent that many of the answers will be formulated by my own beliefs as initial research has shown that this may be a highly contested subject, to say the least.

I applaud myself for seeking answers from the sources I chose... HA HA HA... I approached them simply with "What do you know about sprites?" Unlike myself, EACH of them had more than a little knowledge and experience on the subject.... and my conclusions are formulating as I type this - using the premise... "If you believe they are, then THEY ARE !!!'

Some of the more intriguing feedback came from my psychic friends.... everyone should have at least one !!! GG pointed out to me that there is a connection between fairies and the Wiccan religion. A quick look proved this to be true as the Feri (fairy) tradition of Wicca is based on this exact concept.

Armed with my interest and belief in the Wiccan religion, I posed the question.... "Could there be a correlation between these sprites and my limited knowledge and belief in Wicca?".... along with "Why are they in my basement?"... ok, this response isn't for the faint of spirituality....

The summary of her response is that I am actually a sorcerer and that these sprites are here because they like that fact and like the energy that I exude.... WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I quipped back that perhaps I'm the "sorcerer's apprentice"... but WOW !!!!!!!!!! what a concept !!!!!

Quite a bit to absorb in one day... needless to say, I have LOTS of work to do as again, it's apparent that sprites are highly misunderstood and their existence is dependent on one's own personal beliefs. I'll be spending a lot of time in the near future tuning in to my own belief system.....

Keep checking back.....we've only just begun to scratch the surface.... and stay tuned for more video !!!!!


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