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- Wednesday's Word - "Ghost Hunters"

I haven't posted in over a month so this one may require 2 cups of coffee... but I'll try to summarize as best I can.... in order of importance, more or less.

To reiterate, my friend GG and I have formed a small team to investigate POSSIBLE paranormal activity. Simply put, we are "ghost hunters"... So many people use "paranormal investigator" and "ghost hunter" interchangeably, although I really don't like that term as to me it denotes "thrill-seeker" and a pre-disposition in one's own mind that could contaminate any possible experiences.... I'll explain that further in a bit. **

First.... Above The Realm Paranormal welcomes Jody Brown to our team. Jody should prove to be a valuable asset in helping the team and our clients through her psychic and "sensitive" abilities. Jody's bio can be found here on our website.

Thanks to Jody, our equipment list has grown again with the purchase of the 24G-4PK-NV-VIDCAM - a complete wireless night vision video system including 4 stationary infrared video cameras each containing their own 30 led infrared light sources, which should have an effective range that will illuminate ANY room (they're rated at up to 300 feet). NOW let's see a spirit elude us !!!! They can "run" but they WON'T be able to hide... Our complete equipment list can be found here. For those interested in this system, it can be found here. And actually it's on sale this week...

** Ok, back to the "ghost hunter" theory... we received an email this week from someone interested in paranormal investigating and whom asked how to get started. Having never been posed that question yet, I wasn't sure how to begin to answer it... once I started, it all just seemed to flow... and I may have taught myself a few things about me in the process... This is my reply, verbatim.... INCLUDING the typos.. HA HA HA

"  Thank you for viewing our site, your interest in the paranormal and for contacting us. You sound like you are well on your way to becoming an effective paranormal investigator. One of the most important points to remember is that just because a client says they are haunted doesn't mean that they are. As an investigator it is your first "job" to make every attempt to find reasonable explanations for the alleged activity.
Here's an extreme example....
The client experienced pictures falling off a wall.... was there an earth tremor that day?
See what I mean? Yes, be totally open to the possibility of paranormal activity, but also exhaust all means available to explain such activity. THAT will make you more credible and successful.
Also, by the true definition of "paranormal", it does NOT necessarily mean "haunted". Too many groups don't understand that theory. Again, your credibility as an investigator relies on your ability to separate the two.
As far as getting started is concerned, paranormal investigating is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. I'm sure if you "google" paranormal for your area you will find many groups that might be looking for additional help. You may want to research particular groups before approaching them to be sure that are as credible as you are.
If you're thinking about starting your own group, then feel free to use some information and theories from our website to help you get started. You'll find that the "community" is growing and that most groups are very cooperative and willing to help. Above The Realm is no different.
If you want to start your own group then there are definitely "MUST" pieces of equipment...
1) EVP recorder - a digital recorder that will pick up sounds that your ears don't hear. You'll want to get one that you can upload the files to your computer easily for analyzing... and review the recording using headphones to block out environmental noise. There are many audio editing programs available on the internet for free. We use Wavepad and Audacity.
2) EMF detector - You're familiar with the theories of the paranormal, so you know the importance of being able to measure Electro Magnet Fields.... there are various models available depending on your wants and needs. We use the K2 meter for it's ease of use. It's also very helpful and easy to try to communicate with a possible spirit with. For instance, you can hold a vigil and ask the spirit to approach the glowing light to make more lights glow...
3) Digital camera - certainly capturing visual evidence can be critical so a digital camera that's at least 5 megapixels is a must to maintain the integrity of the pictures.
There are a multitude of "gadgets" available and our own list continues to grow.... we've just recently purchased a closed circuit TV system consisting of 4 infrared (night vision) video cameras.
Take your time, but investigate with this in mind.... if/when you experience "activity", the more ways you can record that activity, the more credible your findings are. Also, remember this, if/when you experience and recorded activity, return to that area again... if the same activity is recorded, then there may be an explanation that is NOT paranormal.
If you need help with the technical aspect, ie, a website... there are hundreds of free website hosting services to help you there... our website is a free site. If you need help beyond free hosting, I'd certainly try to help as best I can.... I built the website and created our logo myself.
I hope this helped some, if not then we're here to help. Feel free to contact us at any time. What area do you live in? We have contacts all over, including Canada and Great Britain.
Anyway, feel free to check back often.... we'll be posting some more evidence soon and have another investigation at the end of the month.
Welcome to the world of the paranormal... Happy Huntinug

John - Above The Realm Paranormal "

Ok, maybe that didn't specifically address my thoughts on the term "ghost hunter" but hopefully I made my point that this is an investigative process... note my LACK of the use of the term "ghost hunter"... it almost isn't in my vocabulary, but I do use it upon occasion because more people are familiar with it. But, the other person thought I did a good job at helping him out.

Certainly, I could have gone on and on as some people that know me can attest to. There are so many beliefs and theories with regard to "paranormal" activity, but that would require an on-going series of posts and emails. Hmmm.... Plus, I didn't think it was my place to preach my own personal beliefs, especially since I'm still trying to evaluate them on a daily basis.

Anyway, over the last month or so the group has taken on many changes. As I mentioned, we've added a member and some equipment. Also, our website has undergone some major changes as has our logo:

As always, you are welcome to peruse the site and feel free to leave feedback (positive OR negative), either by email or in our guestbook. Negative feedback helps at least as much, if not more, than positive.

I was going to continue this post adding some of our own experiences on our most recent investigation. Some of our captures can be found within the "Evidence" pages on our website. But, in order to make it easier, I will be writing another post later which will be more detailed and will hopefully tie some of our observations together.

Ok, this actually took me closer to 3 cups of coffee !!! But MAYBE those of you that receive chapter-long emails from me will be "safe" for awhile !!!!


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- Wednesday's Word - "Sprites"

My House IS haunted (?) - part 2

No, NOT by the soft drink - I prefer 7-up anyway... BUT, after yesterday's revelations, this post is a must !!!....

First, HUGE thanks go out the paranormal community in general. I am realizing just how friendly and caring our colleagues are. Specific shout-outs are in order here also. So, I also need to PERSONALLY thank Eric from D.A.R.T. for taking time out of his schedule to embrace us into his world. Also garnering specific recognition is Bill from Paranorbill for doing the same - definitely great to have met the both of you. Next, I need to thank DMR, a former classmate and clairvoyant, for the intriguing conversation we had. And not be left out, thank you to my Facebook friend EC, a psychic and card reader, for your input on my "situation".

So what's all the hubbub about? As I posted, GG and I have started a little team to investigate the paranormal. Over the last few weeks we've been busy trying to get organized and buying new pieces of equipment to help us better investigate.

One such piece was a Sony Handycam with full Night Vision - this puppy can record video footage in COMPLETE darkness. Previously not familiar with its actually capabilities, I took it upon myself to run a test in my own basement a couple of weeks ago. Here's a little clip of that footage that we posted on our Youtube channel....

Note that this is just a small sample of the activity I experienced.... Anyway, this little video proved the capabilities of the camera but also opened my eyes a bit as to why I have experienced the various forms of activity that I have... OR, made me more curious....

So..... trying to duplicate this experienced I took the camera downstairs again a few nights later and put together this little clip and also posted it on Youtube...

These videos, due in no small part to GG, gained popularity quite fast with several comments being posted by fellow investigators...including "Interesting capture".... INTERESTING INDEED !!!! remember this is going on in my very own basement !!!

But what exactly IS going on down there ?!?!?! I mean, I know that I am haunted but.... clearly there are SEVERAL of these "orbs" flying around simultaneously... am I actually haunted by SEVERAL spirits ?!?!?!

Further confusing my perception of the activity is the fact that in broad daylight I SAW ONE OF THESE reflecting in the sunlight - flying just as at night. Ok, so now I was "sure" these aren't spirits and tried to research more logical explanations... educating myself on mold spores, mites and other "creatures" that may be found in one's basement.... Although I wasn't able to ascertain EXACTLY what these are, I thought I had debunked it and pretty much paid little attention to it.  UNTIL.... 

We received a comment the other day by "paraquila" on Youtube...
"That is what I would call a Sprite. Looking closely at the anomaly it appears to look see through at times and then solid again. It also appears to shine it's own light."

Paraquila followed up yesterday with this...
"Some believe a Sprite is a type of Angelic being coming to Earth to gather prayers. Others believe a Sprite to be a more mature orb. I call them Sprites because they Sparkle like glitter in the sun. I have seen them since childhood usually around people."

WOE WOE WOE !!!!!!!!!!   WHAT ?!?!?!?! Needless to say, much of my day yesterday was spent researching this "new" term... and picking the brains of the people I mentioned above. And thanks to them, I have a bit more understanding as to the possible existence of sprites... but undoubtedly I have far more questions than answers at this point !!!!

First I needed to find out exactly what a sprite is....  "simply" stated, they are elves, pixies or fairies...

Wiktionary says:
sprite (plural sprites)
  1. (mythology) A spirit; a soul; a shade; also, an apparition.
  2. (mythology) An elf; a fairy; a goblin.

 Wikipedia says:
The term sprite is a broad term referring to a number of preternatural legendary creatures. The term is generally used in reference to elf-like creatures, including fairies, and similar beings (although not earth beings), but can also signify various spiritual beings, including ghosts.

The belief in diminutive beings such as sprites, elves, fairies, pixies, gnomes, Japanese yōkai, the Spanish and Latin-American duende and various Slavic fairies has been common in many parts of the world, and might to some extent still be found within neo-spiritual and religious movements such as "druidism" and Ásatrú. The belief in spiritual beings, particularly ghosts, is almost universal to human culture.

Ok, I know I'm a pretty open-minded person but..... I'm also a show me kinda guy. So, further research revealed this photo of backyard sprites - this girl didn't see them when taking the picture....

OOOOOOOOOOOOOO KAAAAAAAAAY... That's EXACTLY what my basement looked like on BOTH the nights that I recorded footage !!!!

Further, Paraquila sent us an email on Youtube in response to my thanking him.
"You're welcome. Anything to help out those seeking the truth. Thanks for the picture to look at (the one above). It sure seems to be the same anomalies as the one you have posted. I cannot wait to see the other ones.
Sometimes when an orb is about to turn into a Sprite or just plain manifest itself it can appear like a cotton  ball. Somewhat see through and somewhat solid. Take a cotton ball pull it apart a bit and look through it at the sky. This is how I generally describe it. Its all a big mystery and one I am happy to be a part of figuring out.
Peace and Light


Certainly, as with all anomalies, acceptance of the existence of sprites is dependent on one's own belief system. Having personally witnessed the very activity depicted in the photo.... and also having a strong pull toward the mystical for most of my life.... I'm a believer !!!!

BUT..... are sprites mystical in nature ??? are they paranormal ??? are they ghosts ??? are they spiritual ??? are they Wiccan ??? are they dangerous ??? why the hell are they in my basement ??? the list of questions grows... and it's becoming more apparent that many of the answers will be formulated by my own beliefs as initial research has shown that this may be a highly contested subject, to say the least.

I applaud myself for seeking answers from the sources I chose... HA HA HA... I approached them simply with "What do you know about sprites?" Unlike myself, EACH of them had more than a little knowledge and experience on the subject.... and my conclusions are formulating as I type this - using the premise... "If you believe they are, then THEY ARE !!!'

Some of the more intriguing feedback came from my psychic friends.... everyone should have at least one !!! GG pointed out to me that there is a connection between fairies and the Wiccan religion. A quick look proved this to be true as the Feri (fairy) tradition of Wicca is based on this exact concept.

Armed with my interest and belief in the Wiccan religion, I posed the question.... "Could there be a correlation between these sprites and my limited knowledge and belief in Wicca?".... along with "Why are they in my basement?"... ok, this response isn't for the faint of spirituality....

The summary of her response is that I am actually a sorcerer and that these sprites are here because they like that fact and like the energy that I exude.... WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I quipped back that perhaps I'm the "sorcerer's apprentice"... but WOW !!!!!!!!!! what a concept !!!!!

Quite a bit to absorb in one day... needless to say, I have LOTS of work to do as again, it's apparent that sprites are highly misunderstood and their existence is dependent on one's own personal beliefs. I'll be spending a lot of time in the near future tuning in to my own belief system.....

Keep checking back.....we've only just begun to scratch the surface.... and stay tuned for more video !!!!!

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- Wednesday's Word (phrase) - Above The Realm

Those that have followed this blog may recall my previously posted definition of the word "Paranormal".... "Above the realm of occurences that we experience in everyday life..."

But today's reference to "above the realm" goes 1 step beyond. As I posted, GG and I decided to take our interest to that step to try to help people understand and explain their experiences and activity they have witnessed... and perhaps to have a little fun at the same time.

That is why I haven't posted on my blog much lately.... I've been over here at .... building our website. Rather than reiterate all the content of the website, I invite everyone to go and take a look.

I will say though that we are taking this very seriously and we are working on up to 4 (5 if you count MY house) investigations and as you'll see on the website, we're not out for some half-hearted thrill-seeking fun... it's actually a LOT of work.

Along with the the building of the site, we have (GG has) also started a fan page over at Facebook HERE.... and a channel on Youtube HERE.... feel free to "fan" us on Facebook and subscribe to our channel on Youtube.

We've created and uploaded a few "movies" on the Youtube channel highlighting some of our observations. Preliminary feedback has been excellent on both venues, strengthening our intensity and desire to get out in the field to put our NEW equipment and senses to the test.

In an effort to better serve our clients, we have acquired several new pieces of equipment. Of course that adds to the workload of analyzing the data, but we want to be as thorough and as accurate as possible. Here is the list of the tools we now employ...

K2 Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) detector

Paranormal Search Team-Ghost Box/Franks Box

ThermoTech® TT1022 Non contact digital Infrared laser guided thermometer

Olympus® WS 400-S digital voice (EVP) recorder

Kodak® 5.0 mega pixel digital camera with video mode

1/8" x 24" brass, polarized Dowsing (Divination) Rods

JVC® digital video recorder with partial night vision capabilities and still picture capability

Sony® Handycam digital video recorder with full night vision capabilities
(Super Night Shot Plus) with additional IR Illuminator and still picture capability

Note that all of our photography and recording equipment is fully interfaced with our servers to facilitate data transfer and analyzation.

We may be a small team and we may not have a complete Closed Circuit TV surveillance system (YET),
but we certainly have enough experiences, knowledge and desire to help to make a difference.

The website is a work in progress but you are absolutely welcome to step into our world... a world.....

and please feel free to drop us a line about ANYTHING.... investigations, feedback, advice, etc.

Ok, that's enough self-promotion. I WILL continue to post on all of our venues any evidence and experiences that we encounter.... see you on the other side.....

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November 21st, 2009 - Investigation in CT - follow up

First, thank you Bob from CT Ghost Seekers for commenting on my original post about our investigation. Your kind words are truly appreciated, especially coming from a much more experienced investigator. And YES, I do have more questions !!!!!

So, it's been a long week since I last posted.... long but not boring... TheCrimeBrat (GG) and I have decided to take our interest in the paranormal to a higher level.... that's my teaser, you'll have to read my next post to get all the dirt.... (my way of driving traffic up... HA HA HA)

So, I analyzed our recording of that evening until my ears hurt from the ear-bud headphones through which I listened. It was certainly educational as I did a lot of research with regard to deciphering EVP messages... and even read that "clicks" on a recording are often actually voices from spirits... and the frequency at which they are uttered causes them to sound like clicks...

Anyway, I concentrated on the several noises that I mentioned in my earlier post, actually testing 3 different audio editing programs to determine the most accurate and user-friendly.

I wish I could say that Richard's voice came through loud and clear and he was happy that we were there. But again, spirits just don't work that way.... if they did, there would be no need for investigations, right??? ... and my new "hobby" could never be realized....

HOWEVER, we DID investigate, AND I was able to clear up and slow down at least 2 definite signs of activity during our investigation.....

"Dee" - as reported, after GG whispered, "I forgot her name", I originally thought I heard a reply of "Dee"... although, follow-up proved that no one in the family was named Dee, you be the judge....

hmmmmmmmm.... sounds pretty clear to me

Richard knocking - Also as reported, GG asked for a sign of Richard's presence, "Maybe knock on something".....

certainly sounds like an intelligent response...

I'm obviously no A/V producer but surely those 2 intelligent responses can't be denied...

This family is apparently experiencing an intelligent haunting. But who is Dee and is it really Richard ?!?!?!? Despite the apparent direct response from Richard, there may be another conclusion.

The pictures GG took were posted on Facebook... it only took a short time for a high school friend of mine to email me with some questions about them. Not having seen her for 25 years, I needed to find out why she asked.... to find out that she is a "sensitive" and clairvoyant, having been able to channel the energies we all posses to attain these "powers"...

One unsolicited question that she asked was, "Who's the little girl?"... UH, WHAT !?!??! (she had no background of our investigation) Apparently, my paranormal senses need to be adjusted if SHE "saw" the spirit of a little girl in the photos GG took... and she wasn't referring to the "baby" that lived there... hmmmm, is the little girl Dee ?!?!?!

To further "clarify" our investigation, I happened to see this "sensitive" over the weekend at my 25th high school class reunion.... OBVIOUSLY, I had questions for her....

Not wanting to be pushy, I waited for her to approach me.. and she didn't let me down !!! We chatted for a bit about me having the ability to channel and then I asked her point blank.... "So.... is it Richard's spirit in the house?" and "Is the child you see named Dee"...

Well, well, well.... Assuming (uhhhhhhhh) her responses would be "Yes" and "Yes", I was "surprised" to hear "No" and "No"....

Although she didn't have much clarification (YET) about the little girl she saw, she was adamant that there is a male spirit in that house ALONG with Bob's father, Richard !!! who is actually the one that is "haunting" them, according to my friend, because he thinks he's being funny by doing so......

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, quite the revelation, to say the least.... apparently this family has at least 3 spirits "living" with them !!!!! Now, I DEFINITELY need to re-visit that house... ESPECIALLY, as I mentioned, GG and I are taking our interest to a higher level...

THAT being said, GG has taken it upon herself to bolster our ability to accurately investigate by adding to our previously somewhat amateur equipment list...

Our most recent additions include a remote digital infrared thermometer with a probe... whew, THAT sounds "interesting"... but it will certainly allow us to accurately record fluctuations in temperature to help determine if those fluctuations are caused by a drafty house...

The second new gadget GG has ordered is a device known as an "Ovilus"... this video will demonstrate in detail the value of this tool with regard to EVP reception and spirit communication... briefly, this unit plays EVPs in REAL TIME !!! I can't WAIT to do some A/V work with THESE !!!!!!!!!

So, to the spirits of our world, get ready!!! We're coming at ya LIVE !!!!

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November 21st, 2009 - Investigation in CT

I promised the boss lady... um, TheCrimeBrat (GG)... that I would submit a report of our investigation by today.. so here it is... well, here's a post about it anyway... *locations and names changed to protect the haunted... AND the spirits.

It was a fine evening in the great state of CT. There was a waxing moon and plenty of stars out. The investigation took place at a private residence in a town "west" of Hartford. The owners are a young(er) couple, Bob and Chelsea, with a 17 month old daughter, Cathy. The house is 2 living levels (a garrison, I believe), 3 bedrooms upstairs and a family room addition off the back of the dining room, a full basement and a semi-accessible attic.

We arrived at the location around 7:30... later decided to be too early for a real active investigation. Unfortunately, the owners were home but we persuaded them to go out... at least for a little while so the house would be empty and none of our potential experiences could be attributed to the 2 of them... the "baby" was out for the night.

First a brief history of the activities experienced by the owners...
  • Black shadows passing
  • Being touched
  • Footprints that disappear down the hallway
  • Personally seeing a door open and then be closed abruptly
  • Cathy pointing and interacting with an unseen entity
The house has always been in Bob's family, it being his boyhood home. Bob's father, Richard, had died suddenly in the home in the family room addition that was added in the 70's. Also, for a time, Bob's grandmother resided with them and Richard took care of her.

The owner's took us for a walk-through and explained to us the areas of the most activity.... black shadows in the addition, the footprints down the upstairs hallway and the most activity being in the "back bedroom" which was Richard's while he was alive - and is directly across the hall from the "baby's" room. At the conclusion of the "tour" the back bedroom door was CLOSED... important... keep reading.

Although we didn't personally see shadows (although at one point I thought I did - but it could have been a reflection from a passing car), doors opening or footprints, I would like to believe that some of our experiences can only be explained as paranormal.

Let me explain my take on "ghost hunting". I personally use the phrase loosely and would rather refer to this as an investigation. Ghost hunt depicts a random and amateur quest to "see" a ghost. Under this pretense, one is sure to subconsciously will themselves into seeing something that might not even be there.

An investigation depicts an attempt to collect evidence and data to determine the possibility of paranormal activity, while trying to explain what you do experience by scientific or rational means... but you can call it what you want.

Rather than recap the entire investigation, which could take at least 2 posts to do, I will have to summarize, and will explain what we experienced via different pieces of equipment to the best of my analytical ability.... and then I will summarize the evening.

EMF meter (K2)

(Stair Landing - time of constant yellow)

The newly acquired K2 was not very active throughout the night... EXCEPT for on the stair landing leading to the upstairs. There was definitely some energy being detected in this area with the K2 registering a yellow light on several occasions.

In my initial sweep, I didn't get any readings here. However in a later sweep, GG received a steady yellow reading. Trying to explain the reading, she panned the area maintaining the constant yellow from about her eye level to her thigh level, but not above or below.

An even stronger reading we collected at the corner wall of the landing, later to be debunked by the electrical service running down the outside of the house at that particular corner.

I'm not sure that explains the steady reading in the entire area for several reasons.....
  1. Since the electrical service runs down from the roof, if it was the source of the constant yellow reading, then that reading should have registered from the floor to the ceiling in that area... not just from GGs eyes to her thighs.
  2. On a later sweep to retest the area, the K2 did not register any reading in the exact same area...
  3. Subsequent sweeps of the area above, Cathy's closet, did not register any reading... and of the area below, the stairwell to the basement where the electrical service enters the house, only registered a minor increase in energy.
There was also a K2 fluctuation near a dresser in Cathy's bedroom... and, it DID occur at the same moment that the dowsing rods were registering activity in the room.

Dowsing Rods

(crossed rods in Richard's doorway)

Though possibly controversial, metal rods to register electromagnetic energy seems like viable tool. The rods registered activity in several locations throughout the evening, most notably:
  1. The entrance to the kitchen from the living room... At one point, while walking toward the doorway, the rods crossed... As I backed up, they uncrossed... approaching again, they crossed again. This activity was not duplicated in a later sweep.
  2. Cathy's bedroom - There was definitely energy picked up by the rods in the baby's bedroom. As previously mentioned, concurrently with a K2 "hit' but also on several other occasions, including at one point crossing and uncrossing in succession and then 1 rod seemingly pointing toward the crib and 1 toward the doorway at the same time.
  3. Richard's room - There was also definitely energy picked up by the rods here, most notably at the door which looks across to Cathy's bedroom on a couple of occasions. Again, the successive crossing then uncrossing and then both pointing across the hall.
Now, I know many may not believe in the rods... but as the holder of them several times Saturday... there's definitely some paranormal pull on them.

EVP recorder

(recorder in the living room)

Admittedly, I'm a "baby" at analyzing digitally recorded evidence, having never done it before. Also realize that most spirits won't just walk up to you, shake your hand and say "Hi, I'm Richard".... not to mention, some of the EVP's I've listened to online seem somewhat subjective to me.

So, as I'm realizing, the analysis of the recording can be a tedious process - at least at this point in my hobby. I actually had to step away from it to not make myself hear what I wanted to hear... and the floors of the house are creaky as hell, making it difficult to wade through the recording.

That being said, on my initial listening, my fresh ears picked out several instances to analyze... in doing so, I was able to rationalize a few of the noises that I thought I heard. I was also able to determine that I just may not have an explanation for a few...

Radio - Early on we were investigating the family room. At one point GG asked me if there was a radio on. Certainly there wasn't but she said she heard a voice, which I didn't happen to hear. Although very faint, there is definitely a possibility of an EVP at that spot in the recording, further enhancement training is definitely in need, but I CAN say there may be a woman's voice there. GG and her "mother's ears !!!!"

Knocking - Also while we were investigating the family room, we were calling out to Richard to show us a sign of his presence. Immediately after GG uttered ...."even a knock..." the recording picked up a distinct series of 5 successive "knocks"... neither of us had heard that at the time. But, this just may be the sign we were asking for.

Dee - While in the living room, upon the thought that it may be Richard's mother that is haunting the house, I said to GG that we should have asked what his mother's name was. GG replied that she didn't know. BUT, immediately after her response to me, there's a female voice quietly uttering "Dee". Follow-up proved that there was no one named or nick-named Dee in the family but the house is decorated with antique furniture and such as Richard owned an antique shop. So, it very well could be a spirit attached to an object in the house itself, but don't tell Chelsea that it may follow them when they move !!!!

Richard? - While in Richard's bedroom, GG asked, "Where'd you go Richard?". There is an immediate response from what sounds like a male voice. This one needs to be further clarified also, but it would certainly prove again to be a direct response from a present spirit.

Digital Camera

(living room - orbs?)

GG took several photos throughout the evening, many of them containing "orbs". I'm not totally sold on the whole orb phenomena as most of them can be attributed to flash reflections. However, coupled with other simultaneous experiences or evidence, they certainly can help prove paranormal activity.

One photo that caught my eye is the one below that GG took in Richard's bedroom while I was sweeping the door with the K2. The reason it caught my eye is due to the "orb" to the left of the fan stand. This orb appeared more solid than the "standard" transparent orbs caused by camera flash... and it didn't appear in other pictures of the same area....

I must note that on viewing the entire collection of photos taken that night, a friend asked me if there was also the ghost of a little girl in that house (THAT could explain the height of the EMF reading on the stair landing). I'm trying to determine her reason for asking that question, and if she may possibly be a "sensitive" or clairvoyant... if so, SHE'S coming back there with us.....

Digital Video Recorder

We were definitely least prepared here. I do have one but it's an older JVC model and actually records onto digital video tape. And my hopes that it may be night vision capable came crashing down after purchasing an Infrared light source.... although maybe the light is junk...

So, not the greatest of video equipment to have. But our thoughts were that something is better than nothing hoping that it may be able to capture a floating orb or at the very least be a second audio recording device.

With that in mind, we permanently set the camera up in Cathy's room aiming out her door into the hallway, again hoping that if it picked up any evidence, then it was worth bringing it along.

Well, hope became reality upon my initial view of the footage. Although I stared at a black screen for over an hour willing myself to see some "light action", that didn't happen. But, what did happen is that the camera's microphone absolutely picked up 2 definite and 2 more possible noises upstairs while we were downstairs - noises we would not have had evidence of without the video camera.

The first noise picked up was merely 3 or 4 minutes after the tape started rolling so we were downstairs in the family room. This noise sounded like it eminated close to the camera and most resembled the "click" of an older light switch. I actually had left a lamp on in the room at the time and did not see anything but a light switch click is a light switch click.... and it could have been from across the hall as the microphone proved to be very sensitive and we later found out that Richard's "closed" door was OPEN.

The second noise happened about 3 minutes later. Again, this noise sounded relatively close to the camera due to it's clarity. I can't say for sure what this noise was either but it too was some sort of click... but different from that light switch... a lower pitched noise than that... more like a "clunk"... light switch being shut off ??? it does make a different sound.. or a doorknob ????

The other 2 noises that sounded like they came from upstairs while we weren't there were over an hour later and were more distant, possibly from one of the other bedrooms. These weren't clicks or clunks but more like a bang or a "thud"... I guess like the sound a paperback makes if dropped on the floor or a foot.... I'm not trying to be persuasive about what the noise was, just trying to describe the sound it was in terms easier to relate to.

People can debunk and say what they want about recorded evidence.... I'm a show-me kinda guy !!! We definitely experienced paranormal evidence throughout the evening...

The OPEN door - As I mentioned earlier, after the tour by the owners, Richard's door remained closed - this was later confirmed by Bob. Upon our initial investigating of the upstairs, we found the door WIDE OPEN. I have no explanation as I remember Bob closing the door showing us how they witnessed it shut abruptly. ALTHOUGH as I listened to the video, the second noise that the camera captured sounded eerily similar to the sound of me opening the door to exit Richard's room later.... hmmmm

"Malfunctioning" flashlight - GG's flashlight is brand new with brand new batteries. On several occasions - in Richard's room, on the stair landing and in the living room - in conjunction with other activity, the flashlight would flicker and go very dim, despite her every effort to make it work properly. Return visits to the same locations found the flashlight to be working 100%. Remember that spirits are thought to feed off of energy... or even flicker a flashlight to prove their presence.

Cold Rush - While investigating the basement, as I was about to rest the EVP recorder on the stairs, a very sudden cold breeze rushed across my hand, seemingly from the interior of the basement. Attempts to locate a source for a draft proved futile.

The Haunted Clothes Dryer - Ok, this one is still going around in my skull, and I really don't have an explanation, but.... At one point we heard the distinct sound and smell (dryer sheets) of a clothes dryer tumbling... you all know the sound and smell I'm sure... from the basement, accompanied by vocal activity. We were in the kitchen area diagonally above where their dryer is. Realize that we knew the owners were going to be returning from dinner so we assumed that they had quietly returned and went to hang out in the basement to not be in the way.

Much to our surprise, the basement was empty (they weren't even home yet) and inspection of the dryer found the vent hose to be cold as ice - obviously NOT having been run recently.

Ok, so maybe it was the furnace, and somehow it sounds like a dryer... that doesn't explain the smell or the voices.... but when we inspected the furnace, it appeared to be relatively new and should NOT rattle like a dryer.

When the owners returned, we asked them if their furnace is noisy. They replied that it was, despite being brand new.... SO, STILL not satisfied with that explanation (being a show-me kinda guy), we tested the noise of the furnace by spiking the thermostat to kick it on.

Now, when the furnace kicked on, I'll admit there was noise... but it in NO WAY sounded (or smelled) like a clothes dryer running in the basement... the noise the furnace makes isn't the furnace itself, it's the walls of the house (sounds like radiators need to be bled - suggest that GG) that were making noise in the very room we were in.

Further confirming that the noise we heard wasn't from the furnace is the fact that what WE heard was NOT captured on the digital recorder, yet the house noises from the starting of the furnace were captured clearly... and even if it was the furnace, what about the smell of dryer sheets and the sound of voices below us????

So, being probably less active than we both hoped for, can i definitely say this house is haunted??? I don't think I can say that - YET..... I will continue to educate myself with regard to the audio analysis process to determine what I may have missed in listening to the recording so far. But, I wouldn't be surprised if it is the spirit of Richard trying to know his grand daughter, as he died before she was born.

By the same token, can I say this house ISN'T haunted ??? I definitely can't say THAT !!! Despite being a somewhat "quiet" 3 hours, there were definitely signs of activity that I have no reasonable explanation for. Besides, many investigations of documented paranormal hot spots can go an entire night with less activity than we experienced. Plus, I have my own personal poltergeist and would never doubt any one's word as to activity that they have experienced.... but, personal experience of said activity would definitely be a plus.

At the very least, it was an interesting and educational evening with a good friend. We may be virgins at this but I certainly believe we investigated in a pretty professional manner, trying to explain everything we could as we experienced it. We made 2 sweeps of the house and the areas that produced activity we couldn't initially explain, we revisited several times to try to do so....

What we did experience brought up questions.... questions we have considered trying to have answered by performing a Ouija seance... so, to Richard, Dee and/or any other spirit that may be in that house west of Hartford.....

WE'LL BE BACK !!!!!!!!!!!
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Wednesday's Word(s)

Well, it's been several days.. I've been experiencing some technical difficulties... and I've been snapping a lot of pictures of the local scenery.

First, a shout out to Bob of CT Ghost Seekers for the kind words once again.

I know I missed last week's Wednesday Word so this week's post will be an extended version and will also be directly related to the ghost hunt that I was involved in last night. I wanted to be better prepared to record evidence of what TheCrimeBrat and I experienced. So, today's post will be about some of the equipment used for investigating the paranormal.

1) EVP (recorder) - EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena... as defined by Haunted Realm Paranormal Investigators... "A voice recorded on a tape or digital recorder from which there is no known or logical source".... or "Disembodied voices and sounds imprinted on audio recording devices".

Ok, that makes sense given the definition of phenomena... obviously, some of us are "lucky" enough to physically hear these noises - at the descretion of the spirit. But, most often these voices can only be picked up by a recorder as the frequency with which they are spoken is not within the range heard by the human ear.. BUT, if you have a pet (dog).....

As I last posted, I had tested and determined that my Blackberry had too many drawbacks to be an effective device for the recording/analyzing of EVP. So, I picked up an Olympus WS-400 S digital voice recorder....
...and am I glad I did!!!! With the stereo XHQ recording mode, the clarity of the playback instantly proved to be far superior than that of the crackberry. And with the built-in USB port, tranferring a 2-1/2 hr recording to my computer took about a minute - and that time included the device being installed on my machine... and I was immediately able to open the file with Windows Media Player, proving the files recorded by the WS-400 S (in .wma format) are 100% compatible with windows based software applications.

Going hand in hand with a recorder is an audio editing program in order to analyze those faint "voices" that are picked up by the recorder. I've decided to initially try a program called Wavepad - although the possibilities are endless once the recording is save on my computer. In checking into the different programs available, I happened across the site of paranormal investigator Billy Connelly at Bill's software of choice is Wavepad... whom am I to argue??? ... especially after viewing several of his investigations that are posted on his website... great job and some great info there...

Note: I also most recently installed the Nero 9 multimedia suite which has audio and video editing modules.... I'm not sure of their functionality as of yet, but I'm looking forward to testing them.... maybe I'll turn myself into a video producer !!!!*

*Update on Nero 9 Wave Editor... great program too, but uses a LOT of resources, leaving me on the fence....

2) EMF meter - EMF stands for Electro Magnetic Field.... um, energy field... Whereas it is widely speculated that over exposure to high levels of electromagnetism can be an agent to the development of cancer, EMF meters, like digital recorders, are common instruments that have been around for many years.... and also used by more that just scientists.

Each and every electronic and electric device emits electromagnetism... yes, appliances, computers, CELL PHONES .... so EMF meters were produced in order to determine "safe levels" of electromagnetic exposure... although I have yet to find a chart that specifies what is safe... or even a report....

Anyway, it is also a common belief among paranoramalists that the presence of electromagnetism signifies the presence of a spirit.... or that spirits themselves emit (AND attain energy from) electro-magnetic fields.... again, research of several investigations have shown investigators using EMF meters as a means of communication with spirits... you be the judge.

That being said, I felt the need to acquire an EMF meter, if only to feel more professional.... so, once again I scoured the Internet in search of (RIP Leonard Nimoy) a trust-worthy yet affordable EMF meter.

Again my diligence paid off as I found (and purchased) a K2 meter...

....a simple to read yet somewhat sophisticated, accurate and trusted piece of equipment among paranormal investigators - from...........................

The K2 appears to be a staple in an investigator's arsenal of equipment and perhaps one's initial step into the science of the paranormal.... the next step will be a "Mel-meter"...

3) Dowsing (Divining) Rods - These are probably one of the more primitive and controversial, yet most highly recognizable, items to be used by a paranormal investigator.... I will admit my ignorance here !!!!! uh, if you've never heard of or pretended to use a divining rod to find water, you must have been born yesterday...

For the purposes of paranormal investigating, a pair of "L"-shaped metals rods are used, as opposed to the universally known, "Y"-shaped stick....

.... as a means of either direct communication with a spirit or to signify the presence of a spirit... ie, questions can be asked with the reply to be a certain movement of the rods... or, unsolicited movement is believed to be either the presence of electromagnetism or a spirit physically moving the rods.

Like with Ouija boards, skeptics debunk the usage as the holder's personal magnetic energy or movement... but, as a true believer in the power of the Ouija.... I believe in their validity (ESPECIALLY after my personal experience - tomorrow's post).....

Well, there you have THREE Wednesday's Words... I should be good for a week or so.. tomorrow I will report on our personal experiences with the equipment and investigation from last night. I wanted to post this on Thursday but had MANY computer related issues and wasn't able to... maybe that was for the best...


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Crackpot (jackpot?) With a Crackberry

YUP, yesterday it was Friday the 13th. Every month that we have one I declare it as my favorite day... not sure why, perhaps I'm a non-conformist... or more likely, I am superstitious to the point that I feel I need to try personal reverse psychology.

Again, it's been a few days but not necessarily a boring few days. Research continues. D.A.R.T. has asked me of my knowledge about a few more places in CT., hopefully be able to plan a haunted weekend in Connecticut. Not originally being from this state, I hadn't heard of any, although I have now !!!

So, I am studying up on and am going to try contact the curators of the New London Ledge Lighthouse, Penfield Reef Lighthouse and the Huntington Homestead. I will do a post later as to what I've found so far but don't have a lot of time right now.

Camp CT continues to "reside" in Colchester. I took a ride by the camp during the day to try to debunk the white "vision" I saw when I visited. I needed to see during the daylight exactly how far down the dirt road the main sign is from the point at which I first noticed it.

It was a clear day and many leaves have fallen so the sign is PLAINLY visible from the gate... and MUCH closer to the gate that I had originally thought - I could easily see a deer standing near the the sign, looking at me, without the use of binoculars !!!

So, I roughly guesstimated the sign to be 300 or 400 feet from the gate. I could be way off but it's at least half the distance than I thought it was, showing me that my friend and I were much closer to the sign that I thought... probably halfway to it.

NOW, this realization proved to me that it was NOT the sign that I saw that night - what I saw was much further into the camp. TRUE, that doesn't make what I saw a spirit, but it does make what I saw NOT that sign....

A lot of my research lately has involved some of the equipment and how it is used by professional ghost hunters. This stems from the fact that I have a date with a ghost... My personal hunt with TheCrimeBrat has been scheduled for next Saturday, the 21st. Obviously, we will be discussing the details before hand so I will post a "Preview to the Poltergeist" (or something like that) closer to Saturday.

We don't have a lot of the "fancy" gadgets normally used so that prompted me to do some testing in order to decide if we may have more than we think.

Along with researching Digital Voice (EVP) Recorders), I tested my Blackberry as a one... placing it on my kitchen table and going about my business. I was more than pleasantly surprised by it's sensitivity and ability to pick up distant sounds... I feigned a "cough" from around the corner and down the hall which was loud and clearly audible.

Playback through the external speaker was quite unprofessional but the fact that it picked up my cough clearly from down the hall as I was walking in the opposite direction, prompted me to try to figure out how I listen to this more clearly.

So, I listened to the recording through the ear-bud headphones that came with the phone - I've always liked how much better music sounds through them. Using the headphones made the playback much easier to hear... a lot less "hum", so I was able to hear more than just my cough... NO, I didn't here voices. Actually, I'm still testing that !!!!

While researching actually recorders and from seeing Paranormal Activity TWICE, it's apparent that professionals upload their recordings to a computer and analyze them with some sort of software. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....

I uploaded my recording to my computer and tried to listen to it that way. That's when I realized drawback #1.... Cell phones are obviously not made for EVP recording as they use a compression format known as AMR - Adaptive Multi-Rate - and save files as ".amr" files instead of a standard format like ".wav", ".wma" or an mp3. So, It wasn't recognized by Windows Media Player or any of the regular media players I have...

Although I was able to determine that .arm files can be played by Quick Time Player and I did download the .amr player from above, the quality wasn't much better than listening to it directly from the Blackberry... and neither of these players offer much in the way of analyzing and editing recording - they are merely players...

SOOOOOOOOO... I downloaded several different sound analyzing/editing programs to see, if any, what options they offer to be able to decipher otherwise inaudible sounds. Here's where I ran into more drawbacks... none of the software I found was able to readily play an .amr file, although some support them enough to be able to convert them to a more universal format. So I did that, but with the thought of possibly losing some of the integrity of the data recorded (drawback)...

I spent literally hours playing the recording testing different programs to drop out the "hum" - which I later considered could be caused by the fact that cell phones emit a radio signal... DUH !!!! I should have disconnected it from the wireless network... or it could be the energy emitted from the battery itself... or maybe the refrigerator even...

I also realized by using these programs that obviously cell phones record in "mono" (drawback?) instead of" stereo", and thought it may be better to be able to analyze the separate left and right channels in order to truly realize what has been recorded.

In any event, along with the fun I had with these programs, I was able to clarify the recording to the point where I could ascertain the sounds of cars passing by (most likely).... with the house closed up tight and the phone being probably 75-100 feet from the street... hmmmm. I was also able to ascertain that I need to learn more about analyzing recordings for EVP - be looking for THAT post....

With only a week to go until the hunt, I decided that although perhaps an option, using my Blackberry to try to capture EVP's just may may not be a GOOD option... too many variables involved... not mention that site explained that .amr may be good for simple voice recording, but not much else... another drawback.

So, the search was on for a Digital Voice Recorder. I won't go into the details involved in that search as you know that I am very thorough... and frankly it would make a boring post...

BUT... I did purchase what seemed like a much better (and cheap) alternative on eBay.. the Olympus WS-400S ... It certainly isn't the top of the line but it records in stereo, has an XHQ (EXTRA high quality) recording mode, has 1 Gb of memory (up to 272 hours of recording time), can connect directly to my computer (no USB cable needed) and saves files in the .wma format... so, no conversion needed... it was LOCAL... and the price was right... SLAM DUNK....

I need to wrap this post up as I'm going to pick up my new toy today. I will testing this new recorder to help me understand better how to use it.. I will ALSO be performing extensive testing on software and how professionals use it to decipher EVP's.

But, before I go, I WILL share my latest experience with MY ghost. Perhaps because it was Friday the 13th... perhaps not....

I was in my room last night laying down with Snoopy watching X-Men on my Blackberry... no one else was home.... SUDDENLY.... {knock, know, knock knock}... I heard 4 very distinct... VERY close knocks... ummmm, actually they were on my bedroom door which was ajar at the time.. I know it was my door because I have hollow-core doors and they make a very distinctive sound...

Needless to say, I was a bit freaked as it was late and the house was dark, including my room... except for my Blackberry screen...

I called out "Who's there?", hoping it was a child of mine.. no answer... I stopped the movie and focused the light from my Blackberry toward the door... nothing... I snapped a quick picture.... nothing.... I turned on the light and investigated.. nothing and no one... hmmmm.

So, I don't know what it was, but I DO know that SOMEONE(THING) knocked 4 times on my door last night........................ gotta run !!!

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- All's Quiet On My Paranormal Front

Uh, if THAT were true, I wouldn't be writing this post.... I may have been quiet, but haven't been dormant.

Let's see... where to begin...

Well, in light of my most last post with the recent evidence of activity at Camp CT, I'll start with this past Saturday night.

It was a nice evening and I had plans to see Paranormal Activity (AGAIN) with a friend whom hadn't seen it yet. I suggested we start the "festivities" by taking a ride by the camp prior to seeing the movie... in hopes of heightening the anxiety.
We only had about 10 minutes but decided to park across the street and at least approach the gate to look down the dirt road, already darkened by the night - unfortunately it wasn't one of those VERY moonlit nights that we have recently experienced, and I totally forgot my flashlight.
The darkness and adrenalin got the best of me and I entered the property around the side of the gate, followed by my friend, with the thought of walking down the road to the main sign, where there has been evidence recorded of a lot of activity.
I have no recorded evidence but we never made it to the sign, for several reasons, mainly because I was totally unprepared to record any potential evidence. But, I still needed to be in there, if only for 10 minutes.
A very short distance in.. 100 feet or so... don't really know due to the darkness... we stopped in our tracks as something seemingly substantial in size landed in the leaves along the side of the road to our left.... hmmmm, ok, tree branch, animal or some sort of nut falling ??? There was no wind, but it's possible.
A few steps later, we stopped again... "Did, you hear THAT? What was it?" Now we just stood still to not rustle the leaves... and listened.... AND... heard another noise, forcing the same 2 questions to be asked.
I'm certainly no expert in audible recognition, but I'd bet my paycheck that I heard some noises that shouldn't have been present in the still of the night in the deserted woods of Colchester.
One of the noises distinctly sounded like a low groan to me, debunked by my friend as a wolf? I know some towns in CT contain a high wolf population but I'm pretty sure Colchester isn't included on that list - although I did see one crossing Rt 6 in Windham once, 20 miles to the north... but I'm sticking to my low groan theory - hell, it's MY blog.... and it makes it more interesting.
Now the 3rd noise I really couldn't make out real well... but my friend said it sounded like a guitar... interesting, with the recorded evidence of a small child singing.... HMMMM
Upon hearing this 3rd noise, I focused my eyes down the darkened road... only to see something white in the darkness. I continued to adjust my vision but this object remained in my sights. Now I know the main sign is down the road but it is big and rectangular - my object was small and roundish.... hmmmm
I didn't tell my friend about this "vision" I had seen that night but I continued to focus down the road at it as we retreated from the camp to attend the movie, still seeing it as we exited to the other side of the gate...

"Oddly", my personal spirit may have possibly made its presence known again... It was earlier that same Saturday. It was in the morning I was "alone" in my kitchen fixing a cup of coffee. Faithful companion Snoopy was (I determined later) in the adjoining living room asleep on the couch. As I was fixing this cup of coffee, I heard a very distinct and very audible.... COUGH... A single cough but definitely a cough.
My first action was to see if Snoopy had wandered into the kitchen... he's a sneezer for sure but perhaps he had coughed..... NOPE, on the couch asleep. So, I tried to explain this noise by thinking that maybe he coughed in his sleep (he DOES dream)... The possibilities of this seem relatively low as the cough was very loud, distinct and to my right... the doorway to the living room was diagonally behind me, 20 feet across the kitchen and he was on far end of the couch which is 10 feet from the doorway, along the same wall.... meaning HIS "cough" would have had to travel in a round-about way from him to my eardrum.... HMMMMMM...

I continue to be actively researching the paranormal and have opened live communications with 2 professional investigators... The first is Steve from Ghost Chat New England. Steve commented on the "Part 2" post about Camp CT as he was the cameraman and producer of the video of their daytime visit that I linked to in that post. Steve's comments prompted me to join their community so that I could thank him for his comments and try to establish a line of communication. My efforts were successful and I'm hoping to be able to use their experiences as a learning tool.
Along those same lines, I have also established an open line of communication with Eric from D.A.R.T., a paranormal investigator from Dartmouth MA. Eric is a friend of a friend and I was told that he had been relayed the info I had on Camp CT and was interested in trying to do an investigation there, as well as at some other sites around the state. Being a resident here, I thought it might be easier for me to gather some of the required information and privileges, so I offered to help in that regard. So, I have lots of research going on.

I have been offered 2 opportunities to be involved in paranormal investigations. The first was from TheCrimeBrat and is at a private residence in West Hartford. Both being amateurs at this, we won't have all the sophisticated tools that the professionals use to gather evidence. But we're hoping that a digital camera, digital voice recorder and a digital video camera will be able to capture at least some compelling evidence that is forcing these people out of their home. It SHOULD prove to make a pretty interesting blog post !!!!
The other opportunity came from Eric. Later this month his team will be investigating the Quechechan Club in Fall River MA - a proven haunting ground for spirits of the past. D.A.R.T. is graciously inviting enthusiasts to join them on this hunt so they can experience it first hand and get to see all the fancy gadgets and instruments at work...

The research required for my post about witches sparked an interest in me to find out more about this religion. Being a spiritual and religion of nature is consistent with my beliefs and love for the outdoors... AND FIRE !!! So, I have borrowed a few books on Wicca from TheCrimeBrat in order to gain a better understanding, at the very least.

So, it's been "quiet" here - BWA HA HA HA HA... "continual progression"... Hmmmm, I remember reading that SOMEWHERE !!!

I need to get hopping on my research... and I need to take a ride by the camp - to satisfy one curiosity in the daylight....


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- A Haunting in (Camp) Connecticut - Part 3

Well, well, well... despite my personal declaration that I was going to shut down my blogs, Camp CT has resurfaced.... as has my desire to post...

Further research has uncovered substantial RECENT evidence of paranormal activity at this camp in the beloved Colchester, CT.... previous evidence was speculative having been posted by thrill-seekers.

BUT..... CT Ghost Seekers apparently performed an investigation on the property as recently as September 19th, 2009 !!!!! Armed with some tools of the trade, I will share some of their actual UNEDITED pics...

According to their report it was a mild September evening with an average air temperature of 55 degrees. Unfortunately their investigation was cut short as they encountered a "caretaker", who informed them that would have to leave as it IS private property...

However, within the campground itself, the temperature was somewhat different....

... physically recording a maximum temperature reading of 40 degrees with cold spots registering up to 20 degrees colder !!!! Hmmmmm...

In my continuing effort to "leave no stone unturned", I found the weather data for that entire day at Weather Underground... their closest PWS (portable weather station) is located in Moodus, which is the next town over, so assume that Colchester was experiencing similar conditions. Here's a snapshot of the average weather stats for that day...

...if you click the link above to the weather underground, you can see hour by hour graphs and a chart that details the weather for the entire 24 hrs on that day in 5 minute intervals... GREAT resource.

Not knowing the exact time of CT Ghost Seekers' investigation, I quickly averaged the readings for the time period of 8 pm to midnight to determine what they were actually experiencing at the time they were in the camp...

Air Temp: 48 degrees
Dew Point: 42.5 degrees
Barometer: 29.9 inches, 1010 millibars
Wind: 0.0 mph
Humidity: 83%

Cloud statistics were NA - not sure if that means Not Applicable or Not Available in this case. Assuming the worst case and here it means Not Available, let's also assume it was a clear evening as weather conditions are critical in an investigation and no reputable team would investigate during adverse conditions.... and The Old Farmer's Almanac reports a mean visibility for that day of 10 miles.

I have to tip my hat to CT Ghost Seekers for recording some definitive evidence of the activity at Camp CT.... here are some more pics... I'm not totally sold on pictures of "orbs" I've seen to date, but....

.... that's a shitload of "orbs" to debunk and that one in the lower picture is the size of a basketball... looks a bit ectoplasmic too... many times orbs are debunked as camera flash and flashlight reflections off of anything from insects to air moisture to internal camera components.

Also photographed were some of the previously reported "floating mists"... these have been apparent to many of the visitors...

Ok, I'm no meteorologist or geologist and I don't know the physical characteristics of that particular piece of property. So understand that there ARE natural "phenomena" that occur beneath the surface of the ground that COULD debunk SOME of the evidence that has been posted, ie sub-surface ground temperature, groundwater levels and/or underground springs and bedrock composition... BUT !!!!

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I offer this one.... INCREDIBLE !!!!!!!

Now, I MAY be new at this but............. I absolutely see a black shadow figure in this pic !!!!!!!!!

If you're not sold on the fact that there is paranormal activity at Camp CT by now, I direct you to CT Ghost Seeker's website. The absolute pinnacle of the evidence they collected is this EVP recording of a child singing... which had been reported several times by others, but not previously recorded, that I know of. They didn't personally hear this out loud, but rather discovered it when reviewing their evidence.... You MUST listen to this !!!

Now, obviously I'm still learning about all of this, but come on !!!! This latest compelling evidence has absolutely made it a MUST for me to experience at least some of this first hand. I don't have the equipment and I wouldn't necessarily trespass (cough, cough), BUT.... I do have a plan which I will share in my next post !!!!!

You're absolutely invited to visit the Ghost Seeker's site to see additional photos of this and several other of their investigations... Oh and, one of their team members reports being touched.... I'll be looking further in the physical characteristics of this piece of land...

Resources requiring credit for the writing of this post...

CT Ghost Seekers - GREAT stuff guys !!!

Happy H(A)UNTING !!!

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- "WITCHES" - fact or fiction

Wednesday's Word... uh, Friday edition.

We all know what witches are, right? ... green skin, black hat, big nose with warts, ugly and EVIL... the first thing that comes to mind is the wicked witch of the west from The Wizard of Oz.... I mean Halloween just passed, did you not see MANY of these depictions?

But what about "Bewitched"? Certainly Samantha (RIP, Elizabeth Montgomery) was none of the above.... although Endora (Sam's mom) on the other hand....

Then there's "Charmed". Certainly these 3 ladies don't fall into the typical stereotype of what a witch is...

So, then what exactly is a witch?
(more in a bit)

Do they really exist?
Simply put... YES

Do they cast spells?
Simply put... YES

Are they ugly?
Is Stevie Nicks ugly?

Are they EVIL?
Simply put... NO

SOOOOOOO... what is a witch? A REAL witch is a member (male AND female - warlocks are traitors) of one of the denominations of the Church of Wicca (which means, wise). It is a spiritual and nature-based, religion... and probably most similar to beliefs of Native Americans (think about it). Although relatively new as a recognized religion in the USA, the theology of The Craft dates back centuries.

Wiccans do worship their own "gods"... actually, the Triple (moon) Goddess - maiden (birth), mother (fertility) and crone (death) - perhaps why witches are usually depicted as women... and is symbolized by the triple moon symbol - waxing, full and waning moons

They also worship a Horned (sun) God that is male, symbolizing nature and sexuality...

This polytheism is said to signify that the universe and ourselves are made up of and controlled by both female and male energies.

Wiccans do not worship the devil.. THAT would be devil worshippers... actually, they don't even believe in an entity such as that. The misnomer is perhaps rooted in the fact that the Wiccan Symbol is a pentagram...

as is a Satanist's....

The points of the Wiccan pentagram stand for the elements - Air, Earth, Fire and Water... with the top point standing for Spirituality... enclosed in a circle to denote unity.

Note how Satanists invert the pentagram (note the goat) to put Spirituality on the bottom and the 2 points, Fire (passion) and Earth (earthly goods) on the top...

Wiccans do practice magic (magick) and cast spells as they believe that everyone has the spiritual strength and ability to bring about change. BUT the tenet of The Law of Attraction (basically, what goes around comes around - and some believe 3-fold) certainly makes these spells positive and are supposed to be cast to bring good to oneself or one's family.

The other tenets of the religion are Deity, Reincarnation (continual progression), Power Through Knowledge (wisdom) and Harmony.

Common tools used during the magic ritual include a pentacle, a sword, a wand, and a chalice. BUT, the rituals may also include a knife, a broomstick, a cauldron, candles and incense (GO FIGURE !!!)

Although there is no formal book of teaching, Wiccans do, as in Charmed, have a Book of Shadows. This is a personal journal consisting of spells, potions, beliefs etc. And as in Charmed, many times it is passed down from generation to generation to teach the others of the family and also to be continued to be added to.

Another symbol of the Craft is the Triquetra, as is depicted on Charmed....

The Triquetra is an old Celtic symbol that stands for the power or unity three"... hmm, 3 Charmed Sisters". In Wicca, it is also said to sometimes denote Triple Goddess.

There is no centralized set of rules as they believe people are individuals and are free to practice the Craft in the way that suits them best. But there is one central "commandment", the "Rede"... "An ye harm none, do what ye will".... obviously denouncing intentionally hurting others - everyone is responsible for their own actions.

Anyway, without going into the various sects of the Wiccan religion (that could be a series of posts), or pushing any more religion on you.... YES, witches are real !!!! They are ordinary people that happen to practice a different religion... you probably all know one. And the fact that they practice magic as a part of their beliefs, makes them much more active in their religion than myself.

And for the record, Stevie Nicks IS a Wiccan.... and she's far from ugly !!!!

A little help from my friends (major contributers):
- - Website of the Church and School of Wicca

- Wikipedia - articles - "Wicca", "Triple Goddess", "Pentagram", "Book of Shadows", "Triquetra"


Happy H(A)UNTING !!!
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