- Wednesday's Word (phrase) - Above The Realm

Those that have followed this blog may recall my previously posted definition of the word "Paranormal".... "Above the realm of occurences that we experience in everyday life..."

But today's reference to "above the realm" goes 1 step beyond. As I posted, GG and I decided to take our interest to that step to try to help people understand and explain their experiences and activity they have witnessed... and perhaps to have a little fun at the same time.

That is why I haven't posted on my blog much lately.... I've been over here at .... building our website. Rather than reiterate all the content of the website, I invite everyone to go and take a look.

I will say though that we are taking this very seriously and we are working on up to 4 (5 if you count MY house) investigations and as you'll see on the website, we're not out for some half-hearted thrill-seeking fun... it's actually a LOT of work.

Along with the the building of the site, we have (GG has) also started a fan page over at Facebook HERE.... and a channel on Youtube HERE.... feel free to "fan" us on Facebook and subscribe to our channel on Youtube.

We've created and uploaded a few "movies" on the Youtube channel highlighting some of our observations. Preliminary feedback has been excellent on both venues, strengthening our intensity and desire to get out in the field to put our NEW equipment and senses to the test.

In an effort to better serve our clients, we have acquired several new pieces of equipment. Of course that adds to the workload of analyzing the data, but we want to be as thorough and as accurate as possible. Here is the list of the tools we now employ...

K2 Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) detector

Paranormal Search Team-Ghost Box/Franks Box

ThermoTech® TT1022 Non contact digital Infrared laser guided thermometer

Olympus® WS 400-S digital voice (EVP) recorder

Kodak® 5.0 mega pixel digital camera with video mode

1/8" x 24" brass, polarized Dowsing (Divination) Rods

JVC® digital video recorder with partial night vision capabilities and still picture capability

Sony® Handycam digital video recorder with full night vision capabilities
(Super Night Shot Plus) with additional IR Illuminator and still picture capability

Note that all of our photography and recording equipment is fully interfaced with our servers to facilitate data transfer and analyzation.

We may be a small team and we may not have a complete Closed Circuit TV surveillance system (YET),
but we certainly have enough experiences, knowledge and desire to help to make a difference.

The website is a work in progress but you are absolutely welcome to step into our world... a world.....

and please feel free to drop us a line about ANYTHING.... investigations, feedback, advice, etc.

Ok, that's enough self-promotion. I WILL continue to post on all of our venues any evidence and experiences that we encounter.... see you on the other side.....


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